LUXE Personal Chef and Catering started in 2011 when Chef Sonya Walters was searching for something to help fill a void in her life. Chef Sonya, who always had a passion for cooking, returned to school to further her education and during that time she began to get a few requests to prepare meals for those close to her.

It was a light bulb moment and Chef Sonya began to couple what she knew intuitively with what she was learning and LUXE Catering was born. A company that is built on not only filling bellies with warm food, but filling hearts with warmth and encouragement was just what Chef Sonya was looking for. LUXE is built on the standards of nothing less than best in food, service and community.  

This reputation for excellence has spread around the Capital City and LUXE Personal Chef and Catering is now one of the most sought after caterers in the area. It is Chef Sonya's understanding of the impact that food has on people that truly sets LUXE a part. We believe in food that is not just prepared with hands, but food that comes from the heart.

When she isn't preparing meals and elegant dining experiences around the city, you can find Chef Sonya exploring nature with her two young sons.